Sunday, December 20, 2009


Kate Girard was a well known actress born in 1860 and married to actor and playwright, George Fawcett Rowe, in 1877.
In 1876 Miss Girard was playing the part of Maryanne in the play "The Two Orphans" when the Brooklyn Theatre caught fire resulting in a great loss of life. Luckily Miss Girard escaped unharmed.
In 1876 Miss Girard's father, physically beat the editor of a newspaper. The beating was the result of an unkind article in The Dramatic News, which implied that his daughter, Kate Girard, had lost her mind and was confined to an insane asylum.

Miss Girard divorced her husband in 1879. The grounds for the divorce was her husband's illicit relationship with a woman named Gertie Lonsdale at a house of ill-repute in New York City.
Miss Girard died on March 25, 1885 in New York City.

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